What we do...

We provide highly-interactive and engaging presentations, workshops, coaching and complete curricula with concrete "take-a-ways" for individuals, schools, teams, and organizations.

Combining the ancient practices of martial arts and mindfulness with cutting edge research in neuroscience, positive- psychology, and pedagogy, we help to optimize innovation, creativity, and productivity through Mindfulness, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Enhancing Flow, and Promoting Peak Performance. 

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Mindful Leadership

Executive Coaching

Somatic Leadership Development

Team Building

Presentations to small and large groups

Integrated Wellness Programs 




Design and Delivery of Somatic Social and Emotional Learning Curricula

Professional Development Workshops

Leadership and Life Skills; including Physical, Mental, and Emotional Fitness

Integrated Wellness Programs for students, faculty, administration, and parents.



Public Sector

Health Care, Law and Government

Team Building and Training

Stress Management

Conflict Resolution

Integrated Wellness Programs

Mindful Leadership